You just spent Valentine’s Day doing nice things for your partner or significant other, and I think you should spend the next day doing something for yourself … like finally checking out Rainbow Six: Siege. And Ubisoft wants to facilitate that process by offering up a trial of the game later this month.

Rainbow Six: Siege is getting a free weekend starting February 15 and running through February 18. This trial is for the full game, and you can play online with your friends on PC through Ubisoft’s UPlay app. On consoles, you will get the game through each platform’s digital store, and you even get to keep playing through February 19 on Xbox One and through February 20 on PlayStation 4.

I’ve spent some time with Rainbow Six: Siege over the last few weeks, and it’s something I’m getting into. Even during a standard night of play, the game’s 25 million registered players ensure that the matchmaking is friendly enough for you to stand a chance of learning while also having fun. Siege has a lot of detailed elements, but you’ll get the hang of them quickly.

And I think that the free weekend, when a ton of other new players will hop online, is an ideal time to learn. If you go in by yourself and get paired up with four strangers, chances are good you’ll end up with other free-weekend people. Even if you get teamed up with veterans, they’ll likely have more patience because they know that a lot of rookies are hopping online.

Ubisoft launched Rainbow Six: Siege in 2015, and it has continued to grow since then. The publisher has maintained interest with a beefy esports scene and regular content updates including entire seasons worth of new heroes and maps. The third season is rolling out soon with a limited-time cooperative mode involving zombies and aliens.

Why is it always zombies and aliens? Why is it never legged dolphins or something fun?

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