Fans will often create things they wish existed, whether through a fan film of Uncharted starring Nathan Fillion or modding games as they see fit. Sometimes fans go really above and beyond, though, and end up being both amazing and heartbreaking.

The creator of Owlboy, Simon S. Andersen, delights in making mockup games that do exactly that. He has now released probably his best and most hurtful of all, a mockup of a hypothetical third game in the Chrono series with a Chrono Break trailer. Andersen gives it pixelart look with high-quality sprites looking more like a late-PS1 or early Dreamcast 2D game. To be clear, this game does not exist, but boy do I wish I did.

Chrono Break was an unannounced and cancelled third game in the Chrono series. Trademarks were filed for the name and a number of producers at Square Enix have confirmed that early plans were in the works for the game. As Final Fantasy XI ramped up and required more work than Square Enix predicted, Chrono Break was cancelled to move resources to the MMORPG, with the rest of the team leaving the company to go freelance. 

All the trademarks on the game have since expired and Square Enix has not indicated any plans to bring the game back or continue the Chrono series. Until or unless they change their minds, this hypothetical mockup is all we’ve got, and it definitely looks great.


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