Being able to create messages that are then automatically sent at a time of your choosing can be a great help. While this is relatively easy in email apps like Spark, however, doing it with texts can be problematic. In this article we show you a few ways to make scheduling a text on iPhone a little more achievable.

Can texts actually be scheduled?

Yes and no. There are some services available, such as the Scheduled app, which will timetable texts, but these come with a few caveats.

The first is that the app uses a service to complete the task, which means your message comes from a different number to your own if you live in the US, Canada, Belgium or Czech Republic. Recipients will get the text, but won’t know who sent it unless you remember to sign your name at the bottom.

Then there’s the fact that to use the auto-send feature for texts you have to be on at least the Premium plan, which costs £1.79/$1.99 per month.

On the free tier you can set up messages to be sent at a certain time, then Scheduled will prompt you to do so when that moment arrives.

How to schedule text messages on iPhone: Scheduled App

It can be quite useful, but if you’re willing to use the existing Reminders app on your iPhone then you can achieve most of this without having to install any additional software.

Using Reminders to schedule texts

Although Reminders can’t actually send texts, it can be a good way of writing one beforehand and then prompting you to dispatch it at the right time.

To do so, open Reminders and tap the + icon in the top-right corner of the screen. Select Reminder from the option box that appears, and you’ll be taken to the page where you can create your message.

In the blank field at the top type in “Text Dave” (obviously inserting the name of whomever you wish to contact). Next, tap the Remind me on a day option, select Alarm, then enter the time and date at which you want to send the message.

How to schedule text messages on iPhone: Reminders

With this completed, scroll down to the Notes area at the bottom of the page and tap and hold on it until you can enter text. Now type in the message you wish to send. Once you’re finished tap Done.

How to schedule text messages on iPhone: Meeting reminder

When the reminder appears on your screen, alerting you to text the person in question, double-tap on it to open the message, tap it again to make the information icon appear (a circle with an ‘i’ inside), tap that, then scroll down to the Notes section.

In here tap and hold the text until the context menu appears. Choose Select All, then Copy.

How to schedule text messages on iPhone: Reminders

Now all that’s left to do is go to the Messages app, start a new text, select your recipient, then tap and hold the text field until the context menu appears. Paste your message, press the Send icon (green circle with a white arrow inside) and your text will be delivered at the time you originally intended.

Yes, it’s not quite as good as having your iPhone do the whole thing for you, but the process is free and ensures you won’t forget.

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